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Harvesting Station, a Reclaiming Device for the Interstitial Spaces of the City.

Urban agriculture is a practice that always coexisted within the city and its historical development. In recent times, this practice revamped as a form of engagement of urban communities in local food production. However, contemporary urban agriculture has to deal with a new phenomena that historically did not compromise the quality and the health of the food produced in the city: the air pollution.

The Harvesting Station is an urban device designed to activate the interstitial spaces of the city and turn them productive. It can grow up to 200 plants in four square meters by keeping them protected from animals and air pollution. The greenhouse is conceived in a wood framework structure realized with basic timber laths. These has a different varnish treatment so to differentiate the wood structure while weathering so to use the wood patina as an architectural effect. The greenhouse features a small water tower to water the plants using via micro dripping system.  The Harvesting station was designed for Veg and the City.


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