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Arts + Tech = I am Going to Talk at CreativeMornings, Zurich June 22nd.

Looks like I am going to talk at the Zurich CreativeMornings crowd on June the 22nd. It will be in the same place as my office, but in the attic of the building in the Kantine Hermerschloo. It will start at coffee time, 8.30 am. I will post my talk via twitter in real time, follow @scarponio and you will have it all. If you want to be there please subscribe here.

CreativeMornings is a lecture series started in September of 2009 in NYC by Tina Roth Eisemberg aka Swiss-Miss who wanted to create an accessible, inspiring morning event for people to meet. Some have called it “TED for the rest of us”.

Since then, CreativeMornings spread across twenty nine different cities across the world. And for the first time, this June, all 29 CreativeMornings chapters will be hosting their events under one common, unified theme: The Intersection of Arts + Technology, presented in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

«The arts are often seen as a “nice to have,” especially amidst tight budgets. But we see things differently. It is through mixing arts and design with other disciplines that we can foster the next generation of creative doers and makers».

I definately agree with this. In my thinking Technology and Design gets along as Pasta and Tomatoe-Sauce do. The first is about feeding the second about taste. Design transforms Technology into an experience, a narrative. In a world where it is so expencive to go out eat in Restaurants, Design is a recipie and Designers are Chefs. Design as a Recipe Book for something good that anyone can bake at home, is what I will talk about.

Other speakers, in other cities, include:


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