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RE-USE, the DIY Notebook and Diary. Long Life to Your Scrap Paper!

Re-Use is a DIY diary and notebook that allows you to save 50% of the office A4 paper you would normally discard. It is free and released under Creative Commons (Attribution–NonCommercial–ShareAlike) license.

Preparing the 2012 edition, we decided to re-design it, in order to make it even more customizable and flexible. It is now a template, re-usable every year, to be completed and hacked as you wish. Download the PDF file and print it on the unused side of your boring papers. The Re-Use PDF file is available here.

Print it- fold it – punch it – bind it. The graphics are designed in a way that with one single layout you can have three different formats: A4-A5-A6. Use it as an agenda, an organizer, a journal, a sketch book or whatever comes to your mind. Happy new projects!


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