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#ADAD. Coffee Break of a Revolution. Somewhere Between a Manifesto and a Santa Letter.

We live in an historical time where there is the need to re-found a new avangard. We have the cultural responsibility to build a new present: make a tabula rasa and start all over again. The old cultural categories in which we used to operate do not make sense anymore. The only way to proceed is to re-found DADA. The old Europe is again the centre of the economic and cultural game.

It is a mistake to think that there is just an economical crisis going on. This is first of all a cultural crisis that manifest itself thought the economy. Culturally the crisis has started a long time ago, we all saw it coming. Now it is evident to all, since our economic model is also in evident collapsing. We need to think a new world. We need to build new relations between people and things. To do this, we need a new avangard.

This will be the subject of a talk I will give the 3rd of February 2012 within the context of “Coffee Break of a Revolution”, a seminar at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, which is part of the exhibition “Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism” (for which I have designed Readykea). This will be a way to celebrate the DADA birthday. In this seminar will also speak: Adrian Notz, Co-Director Cabaret Voltaire – Mike Bonanno, The Yes Men – Mediagroup Bitnik – Yana Sarna, Voina – Almut Rembges, Emanuel Tschumi, Marcel Schwald, Bblackboxx – Christian Huebler, Knowbotiq Research – Billy Talen, Reverend Billy.

I had to give this thing a name, but I wanted to make a non “choice”, so I have simply mirrored the world DADA into ADAD. Later I have found out that ADAD is the Babylonian and Assyrian God of storms and fertile rains. I thought that this is the perfect meaning for what I want to talk about. I also found that ADAD stands for many acronyms that all make sense within a DADA logic:

ADAD_Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (Colorado)
ADAD_Association of Dance of the African Diaspora
ADAD_Another Day Another Dollar
ADAD_Automatic Dialing Announcing Devices
ADAD_Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders (journal)
ADAD_Air Defense Alerting Device (US Army)
ADAD_Air Defense Artillery Director
ADAD_Airborne Division Advisory Detachment (US DoD)

It is the right time for the #ADAD manifesto. If you want to contribute just tweet your statement with the hash-tag #ADAD. If you do a project in this spirit include #ADAD within the press release and talk to people about it. Google will be the archive of this movement. It is time for a new present.


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