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READYKEA an Exhibition Device for DADA New York II: The Revolution to Smash Capitalism.

Being an architect I like to design things that anyone can manufacture. A good design can turn the world population into the bigger creative industry ever known: an aware industry where ideas becomes effectively tangible. In this sense I like to draw recipes and instructions manuals as ultimate design tools of our times, so to produce devices that anyone can make. Readykea is a modular system realized with two IKEA pieces (Trofast and Antonius) combined and reversibly assembled with the use of zip ties. The design consists essentially in the functional subversion of these two IKEA products.

Readykea is a behavioral furniture conceived as an exhibition device commissioned by the DADA House, also known as the Cabaret Voltaire Zurich for the show “DADA New York II: Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism“. The exhibition is curated by Adrian Notz and Philip Meier. The featured artists are: The Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Voina Group, Irwin, Königreiche von Elgaland-Vargaland, Mc Ghillie, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, UBERMORGEN, Roland Wagner.

The exhibition had to be cheap, easy to store, easy to replicate elsewhere, easy to ship, easy to carry around and easy to dismantle. It is conceived as a shop, as a compound and as a workshop in progress. The brief requested three exhibition units containing the sections of the show (documentation – vision – action), a reception desk, a workshop desk, a bed to host a ‘revolutionary in residence’, eight stools and a corner for media content productions such as blogs and social media actions.

It was supposed to be a “guerrilla exhibition” and so it is.

The idea is that you need “capitalism” to “smash capitalism”. So, why IKEA? Because it is cheap, because it is everywhere and because it is open on Sunday. This is an instruction manual: make it, share it, distribute it, but most of all have fun!


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