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Edge Park. Malthus Goes Venice. An Exhibition at Parco del Contemporaneo.

Edge Park is an exhibition curated by Riccardo Caldura about a possible description of urban park models. A set of seven instruction drawings of Malthus manual will be exhibited.

Other artists and architects invited: Giancarlo Dell’Antonia, Bianco-Valente, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Vincenzo Casali, Tri.p Group + Giulia Filippi, Margherita Morgantin, Interno3, Manuela Sedmach, Antonio Scarponi, Marta Allegri, START UP, Antonio Guiotto, Nicola Genovese, Daniela Manzolli, Stefano Munarin + Maria Chiara Tosi, Emilio Fantin, Luigi Viola, Pavel Mrkus, Primoz Bizjak.

Forte Marghera 8-29 October 2001, pavilion n. 36, Venice. Opening October 8th at 17.00. Friend on Facebook here.


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