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Three Minutes of Korean Popularity. Just Undo It: Interview with the TV Program Sponge Zero.

I’ve got a strange call the other Saturday morning. A remote voice from Korea at the other side of my phone was saying: “We saw your hoodie item (Just Undo It) on your site. We think it’ s really great and  we would like to make an interview with you. This will be broad casted on “Sponge Zero” a Korean TV Program on KBS!”.

I was not completely awake yet so it took me a while to figure out what was going on. But after sometime I’ve manage to negotiate a date and to get a script of the questions they were about to ask.

I’ve made short, but elaborate reply. You know, television…. and they said: “OK, but your answers are too long. Here is an other script you could read”. Here it is:

Hello (an nyung ha se yo) Sponge Zero

I am Antonio Scarponi and I live in (where you live)

I would like to present you a new way to utilize your hoodie.

I practice many ways to transform design.

So I found my own way to transform a normal hoodie into a special thing.

A lot of fasion designer friends were very inspired by it and new collaborations started afterwards.

Just Undo it is a good example of the attitude we should have upon objects. I often use it in normal social activities.

People loved it. We had an instant success over our YouTube channel.

You should try it!

So everything went flat. And I had to learn my answers by heart on the spot, via skype (It is a long while since I do not practice my Mastroianni skills). I had bad Internet connection in the office so the line kept falling and so did the interview. In the end we’ve made it (somehow) and I must say that I had lots of fun.

Thank you Jaho Yoon! It was a great pleasure to work with you.


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1 alberto trampolines 11/12/2010 at 23:54

Fame without borders!! Great Antonio.

2 Tory 17/05/2011 at 14:25

What a joy to find such clear tnhkinig. Thanks for posting!

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