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TOI_Things of Internet. Graphic Templates for DIY Leaflets

Everything that has happened over the last 20 years of Internet is now happening in the real world. We navigate across the Earth’s surface and have the ability to tag, save, comment and share the places we live in, as we would do with a website we enjoy. Everything in the world is interconnected, like internet html pages are with one another.

TOI is a system of graphic templates for do-it-yourself leaflets designed for Vestire i Paesaggi, and used as an archival tool for territorial cultural activities. For TOI, the territory itself is the archive. TOI’s graphic templates use two types of tags: analog tags (shelf marks that define categories of intervention) and digital tags (sematags that resolve into multimedia contents and augment the information of things and places related, providing access to online archival documentation).

Booklets, postcards, headed papers, posters are designed to be printed on the back of A4 already used paper. TOI graphic templates are downloadable as SVG and as PDF and distributed under Creative Commons license.

Instant book: Download Template PDF | SVG | How to Video.

Headed Paper: Download Template PDF | SVG | How to video.

Headed Brochure: Download Template PDF | SVG | How to video.

Archive Record: Download Template PDF | SVG | How to video.

Post Card / Envelope: Download Template PDF | SVG | How to video.


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1 argo 22/06/2010 at 13:41 would be nice to download the template….if only it could be done without a username and password!! :\

2 admin 22/06/2010 at 14:34

Hallo Argo,
the bug is fixed. thanks for let me know of this problem. Now you should be able to dowload everything.

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