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25/05/10 Trampolines Opening (cocktail party) @ 18.00

On the 26th of May we will open the Trampolines, an historical restaurant in Riccione, Italy. This will be the second biggest building with Corian® facades in Europe. The opening will celebrate the first tranche of a complex building including a four stars suite hotel that will be opened in early 2011. The building is conceived as a Corian® shell that surrounds the building like a cloud. For the opening the restaurant and the first level of facade will be completed. Cocktail party starts at 18.00. Hope to see you there.

Many thanks to the core people who worked in the design and construction process: Andrea Zausa, Stefano Massa, Francesco Calzolari, Federico Pacher, Nazarena Manenti, Susan Park, Maja Westman.


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