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Yökalenteri / Night Calendar (Rêvalités) @ Terra Infirma, ISCP, Brooklyn, NY


Yökalenteri means, in Finnish language, “Night Calendar”. A calendar that displays the minutes of night time in Helsinki throughout the year. Yökalenteri hosts “Rêvalités”, a work of Finnish Poet and writer Cia Rinne.”Rêvalités” consists of 36 mini prose pieces, dreams recorded during the time span of a year, which thematically deal with a variety of issues.

Yökalentari (Inkjet on paper 375×154 cm) will be on display at “Terra Infirma“, curated by Chiara Sartori, visiting curator at ISCP, NY. “Terra Infirma” gathers the works of six international renowned artists, exploring the ways in which a geographical context is able to affect emotions. Addressing feelings of melancholy and sorrow, the exhibition tentatively links attempts to interact with, modify and understand natural phenomena, landscapes and geographical codifications with the subtle and ephemeral emotional dimension of human existence.

Participating Artists: Rosa Barba, Laurent Grasso, Alban Hajdinaj, Marie Velardi.

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 14 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Friday, January 15, 2-16
Open weekly until February 14 every Saturday and Sundays 2-6 PM

ISCP. International Studio & Curatorial Program
1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211



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