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Wired Unplugged on WIRED UK #2 is Out!

They say printed magazines are dead. Wired Unplugged is an “how to” proposal I have made to give them a second chance. The idea is that they can be designed to be transformed into something else. In the second issue of WIRED UK there are five different example of simple things you could do with it. You can see some how to videos in the magazine’s website here and here.

wired cover 72
In my opinion this would: a) bring the message of the magazine (and its advertising) in places that would never be reached otherwise [example: make a "fish and chips holder" or a "paper wallet" and go to parties with it]; b) Add symbolic a value on the transformable page [more real estate value for the advertising on a D-I-Y piece of art or design to go]; c) Make mag fetishists buy more copies [one to collect, one to destroy]; d) Allow people to re-use the magazine in a different way than tun on a fire after they’ve read it.

Antonio Scarponi Wired Unplugged

Antonio Scarponi Wired Author

Wired unplugged was taken seriously by wired magazine. One page appeared on the second issue of WIRED ITALIA where I have made instructions about how to make bio-vases and now two pages on the second issue of WIRED UK. If you are willing to do it your self with Wired or with other magazine please post it here!


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