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Beyond. Short Stories on the contemporary.


I have contributed to the first issue of “Beyond” with a short urban science fiction story called “the last market”.

‘Beyond no.1 – Scenarios and Speculations’ is the first volume of a book series dedicated to new, experimental forms of architectural and urban writing, a bookazine in which, amidst other goodies, an extended network of young and upcoming writers are given the freedom to survey the outline of themes and things to come.

Fresh take on destinations
Arriving at a time in which architects and urbanists tackle fascinating issues while their reports fail to attract a wider audience, the first issue of Beyond offers a fresh take on destinations and urban scenarios of the near future.

Scenarios and Speculations
Beyond the academic circle and the spectacle of images, Scenarios and Speculations proposes stories that near fiction’s ability to prompt a deep, appealing reflection about our current concerns: urban conflict, social interaction, ecological resources, mobility and tourism, the evolution of cities.

Contributing authors:
Gilles Delalex, Michelle Provoost, Knut Birkholz, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Boris Jensen, Silvia Banchini, Luis Falcón, Antonio Scarponi, Bruce Sterling, Lara Schrijver, Kobas Laksa, Shumon Basar, Wes Jones, Superstudio, Aaron Betsky
Editor-in-Chief: Pedro Gadanho


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