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Produced by Arbos, Italy


RE-USE allows to re-use the back of discarded photocopies or of any computer-printed document. Follow the Re-use instructions, download Re-use files and print out your diary, the notebook and address book on the blank side of any standard-sized printed paper. You can then bind your Re-use simply with the help of a hole-punch and metal rings. RE-USE is a flexible system offering a wide range of independent inserts, all of which are available in different standard sizes: diary, notebook, pockets, address book, colourful address cards, CD holder. RE-USE is made of ecological materials: recycled leather for the cover and a special post-consumer processed paper called ‘cartapaglia’ for the inserts.istruzioni-di-riuso-quadern1

Download: 2009 DiaryRuled Note PadSquared Note PadPhone Book


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