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[with K_maps_Emanuele Bompan + Riccardo Pravettoni]

Malthus’ is a project designed for an Exhibition called FAMA/FAME (Hunger/Fame) The concept “to become famous” focuses the ambition of the artist to be accepted in the art system and, at the same time, the need to survive in everyday life. It represents symbolically all relations between life, love and success, money and the actually basic need of the human being.

Malthus’™ Products reflects on the debate about food crisis and are inspired by the observations of the British demographer Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) who wrote in 1798 an Essay on the Principle of Population. In his treatise he argued that demographic growth would have led to cultivate less fertile soil, bringing to a consequential shortage of means of sustenance and a halt in economic development, due to a faster geometric growth in population, in opposition with an arithmetic growth in the availability of food. Malthus™ products are designed to redistribute and optimize resources in a world with more than six billion inhabitants; to restrain resource-generated conflicts due to over-population.

* in memory of Elisabeth Mumelter, who believed that the creation of another world was possible…


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