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Human World

Human Atlas. 1 px = 1000 people


Human World is an Atlas that represents the world from the point of view of it’s population: people the unit of measurement of cultural and political information. Human World maps the area of each State proportionally to its population – 1 pixel = 1,000 people. As in Alighiero Boetti’s works, each state is represented by its national flag, but in Human World each flag’s dimension is related to population, not to the actual territorial dimentions. Human World applies political and cultural information to population rather than territory.

Population in World Conutries introduces this project and displays the amount of citizens of each country of the World.


Death Penalty Enforcement in World Countries, displays (in colour) the amount of people living in countries where the death penalty is practiced (Amnesty International, 2007).


Population in Free* Countries displays (in colour) the amount of people living in considered 100% “democratic” countries (*Freedom House, 2007).


Population represented by female Head of State (2006).


Internet Users in World Countries 2001, displays the amount of people connected to the internet. Each country of this cartogram is proportional to the connected population (Nua,

This animated map shows the trend of growth of Internet users world wide. The animation starts in 1993 and stops when -if the trend does not change in the future – the whole population will be connected. This is an improbable scenario that allow us to represent, today, the nationality of the actual connected population or, on the other hand, the deepness of the so called digital divide.


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The Dreaming Wall and Human World in Architectural Design N.6 Nov/Dec 2005. — Conceptual Devices
27/09/2010 at 14:25

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1 victor 17/06/2011 at 19:09

freedom and democracy are not the same, I love America but I think we don’t have as much freedom as other countries although I think this is maybe the best democracy.

2 scarponio 18/06/2011 at 09:22

I agree.

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