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Human Camouflage: Shifting the Disguise From a Military to Civilian Purpose.

The design allows a civil servant in today’s multicultural environment to blend in with their new society.The pattern is composed of countries depicted dimensionally proportional to their population. Each country’s colour is a sample of the State Head’s complexion, and the geographical shapes are then ‘casually’ assembled one next to the other, so that the geographical boundaries are no longer recognisable. The process produces a skin coloured camouflage that will disguise citizens in a multi-ethnic society.

A fist edition of Human Camouflage of 150 numbered exemplars has been produced in February 2007. If you are interested in having one of them please write us at The T-shirts are numbered and signed the cost will of 30 €. Payment transaction will be via PayPal. Size availability is very limited.


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