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URBAN NARRATIVE. A round table discussion: Meira Ahmemulic, Antonio Scarponi, Elin Wikström @ Hit, Göteborg, 2-4 p.m.

Artistic production is always situated in a localized setting and informed by cultural, social and economical backgrounds. Therefore, one can argue that being site-specific is unavoidable in artistic practices. Site-specificity becomes increasingly explicit when cultural practitioners situate their work in the city, where such backgrounds are highly politicized and outline public debates – dealing with issues such as class struggle, gentrification, crime, commercialization and immigration – but also inspire our individual endeavors – ambition, desire, hopes and failures.

How to read such places? How to comprehend their complexity? How to approach a place and deal with different interests and stakeholders? Can narrative function as a framework to structure layers and backgrounds? Moreover, does it have the potential to transform? Can it create new dynamics, interpretations and histories?

While the SQUID archive is temporarily on display at the project space Hit in Göteborg, Nov 29-Dec 7, we want to take the opportunity to explore the potential of ‘urban narrative’ as starting point for a discussion on investigative, site-specific practices. The round-table discussion will bring together a group of professionals that have each developed, through different fields and practices, strategies and knowledge for engaging into the city.


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