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Large, flat, homogeneous and unused industrial rooftops offer great possibilities to install urban farms and provide food within the city. Industrial areas building codes normally do not constrain heights, so farming activities are a concrete opportunity to capitalize the unused industrial rooftop spaces. Urban farming has a lot to do with the use of unexpressed [...]


The Japanese edition of ELIOOO, the instruction manual about how to go to IKEA and build a device to grow food in your apartment is out. The book was translated with (my great proud) by the artist Kione Kochi, who spent few months with me at Conceptual Devices working on different projects and proofread by Yoshikazu Eri. [...]


Orto Perpetuo is a year-round indoor edible garden that grows fruit and leaf vegetables. Orto Perpetuo combines ELIOOO (an hydroponic system made out of IKEA boxes designed by Antonio Scarponi) and the LED lamp Quadra (14W) produced by BULBO. Its modular characteristic allows to scale the size of the growing area. A module (65×95 cm) can [...]

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After the Elephant and the Giraffe the TANTOOO tradition keeps going: a LION just got out from the Zoo of my mind. This will be presented in Milano during the Design Week (8th-13th April, 2014) at Kidsroomzoom in Via Giuseppe Revere 6 20123 Milano, Italy. The very first Elephant prototype will be also presented at MY.PROTOTYPE, at [...]


TANTOOO is the result the encounter between two little girls. This meeting took place on a huge, round, fat, bean bag. This was not like a normal bean bag, it was a special one. It was made by the mother of one of the two girls with a very special cloth, fabricated for external use: [...]


An interview about ELIOOO was just aired in the UK television on the first show fully dedicated to hydroponics: hydroshow. Thanks to Nick Stokoe for interviewing me.


The 20th Century left vast, abandoned, spaces in our cities. Warehouses, factories, military barracks have been built and abandoned in a relatively short period of time. Now, the contemporary city is elaborating new strategies to re-inhabit these empty shells. In collaboration with the visual Artist Roberto de Luca, I have designed, for the Swiss firm daskonzept, Hotello: [...]


Time to conceptual shopping in DADA Zurich. This year I was asked by Adrian Notz, the director of the Cabaret Voltaire, to set up a special Christmass Shop for this year shopping season. As always, time was short and budget was very limited. For this reason, we decided to re-use some of the elements I [...]


Passing by Rimini and its riviera, observing the city and walking the beaches, can’t help but think of a grand costume ball. Each building is a protagonist, a fragment of a city where anything goes. The architecture is masked and ready for that never-ending Saturday night, typical of Romagna summers. The architectural disguise has an [...]

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Antonio Scarponi, ELIOOO, Book Mockup

By following the instructions in this book, you will become the manufacturer of an idea. This book is an instruction manual for a product that only exists if you build it. Here are the instructions. I have designed this device so that you can produce your own food, using some inexpensive ikea boxes and the [...]


The Globe / Hedron has received a nice media coverage over the internet. Here some screenshots of some of the most popular design and sustainability blogs who review it.


GLOBE / HEDRON is a bamboo greenhouse designed to organically grow fish and vegetables on top of generic flat roofs. The design is optimized for aquaponic farming techniques: the fish’s water nourishes the plants and plants clean the water for the fish. Using this farming technique, GLOBE / HEDRON is optimized to feed four families [...]


TANTOOO is more than a bean bag chair. It is so much more: it is a place. No, not just because it is 120 cm wide. But because it is so comfortable and huggy, it’s the perfect place where to read (and write) fairy tales. Its external lining is made of a soft fabric used [...]


Re-Use is a DIY diary and notebook that allows you to save 50% of the office A4 paper you would normally discard. It is free and released under Creative Commons (Attribution–NonCommercial–ShareAlike) license. Preparing the 2012 edition, we decided to re-design it, in order to make it even more customizable and flexible. It is now a [...]


Next Thursday, within the context of The Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich I will engage in a discussion with Francesca Recchia around the topic of AZADI. In this workshop we will collects materials, images andwill also invite Twitter users to contribute under the hashtag of  #AZADI. We will collect tweets, images, [...]


Being an architect I like to design things that anyone can manufacture. A good design can turn the world population into the bigger creative industry ever known: an aware industry where ideas becomes effectively tangible. In this sense I like to draw recipes and instructions manuals as ultimate design tools of our times, so to [...]


One of our clients, the start-up UrbanFarmers, was invited to speak at TEDx Zurich to present their urban agricultural concept: good food from the roof. UrbanFarmers is indeed working on the mission to install aquaponic agricultural system on the top of otherwise unused building roofs. Aquaponics is a farming technique that allows to grow fish [...]


As designers we give ideas a form and we transform them into things. We can’t certainly solve the world’s challenges, but what we can do is to create a concrete storytelling about them. A narrative. Malthus is one of these tales. It is an in-home aquaponics unit designed for the next generation kitchen or living [...]


Fish and Crops is an aquaponic unit that grows one meal. Directly where it is cooked. Aquaponic is a farming technique that combines the cultivation of fish in a symbiotic environment with crops: fish fertilize the water that nourish the plants. Plants clean the water from organic waste in return. Conceptual Devices is pleased to [...]


The Italian Constitution is one of the most beautiful juridical texts ever written. Its articles are stated clear and communicate the social universal values of the whole nation. Italy up in smoke is a project for the promotion of these values. People are the medium of distribution and dissemination of them. If you have already [...]

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The Hub Zurich is about to open. After one year of design, workshops, construction (and fund raising) social entrepreneurs have finally a home in Zurich. Conceptual Devices proudly helped this to happen designing and conceptualizing the interior of the wondeful location. It was a great and challenging pleasure to work with the Zurich innovation leaders [...]

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The 1st Hub Zürich Summer Celebration on the 27th of August 2010, from 19.00 – 24.00 at the Hub Zürich, IM VIADUKT. In coherence with local Swiss traditions, bring along what you want to put on the BBQ. The Hub Zurich will take care of drinks, salads and side-dishes. For the occasion the concept Toilet/Kitchen [...]


As we are facing multiple crises in the global economic, social and ecological spheres, innovative solutions are needed to tackle the many challenges at hand. The Hub is designed to facilitate these solutions by creating a global network of collaborative spaces where entrepreneurs and social innovators come together to realize their ideas for a sustainable [...]


Everything that has happened over the last 20 years of Internet is now happening in the real world. We navigate across the Earth’s surface and have the ability to tag, save, comment and share the places we live in, as we would do with a website we enjoy. Everything in the world is interconnected, like [...]


The Italian Constitution, if compared with the real country, looks like a subversive manifesto. Italy up in Smoke is a project for the promotion of the Italian Constitution abroad. The articles (in English) are framed into the non smoking graphic policy of the European Community. Italy up in Smoke is a way to say basta. We want [...]


A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object. We  rather need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around [...]


JUD_100302_WIRED PAGE @ 72 DPI

A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object, a new thing. Rather we need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network [...]



Yökalenteri means, in Finnish language, “Night Calendar”. A calendar that displays the minutes of night time in Helsinki throughout the year. Yökalenteri hosts “Rêvalités”, a work of Finnish Poet and writer Cia Rinne.”Rêvalités” consists of 36 mini prose pieces, dreams recorded during the time span of a year, which thematically deal with a variety of [...]



Re-Use is a diy diary that allow you to save 50% of the office A4 paper you discard. Download the PDF file and print it on the unused side of your boring papers. The 2010 Re-Use PDF file is available here. Print it- fold it – punch it – bind it. The graphics are designed [...]


Antonio Scrponi, Wired Unplugged, DVD sleeve

They say printed magazine are dead. Wired Unplugged is a proposal to give them a second chance. This project was published on the second issue of Wired UK and the second issue of Wired Italia. If you feel frustrated about the instructions you can watch the how to videos here and here.