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VANISHING WATER_Installation, 2003_PVC tubes, tape, dropping water sound_Collaboration with B. Galassi

Vanishing Water displays the main problem related to the luck of drinkable water in the Sicily region, the losses. PVC tubes for urban pipes, are used as histograms that visualize the gap between the water available for the population, and the amount of water which has been paid by the users. The gap illustrates the water lost or stolen from the infrastructures. Data refers to the ISTAT population survey of 2001 and to the ‘Relazione sullo Stato dell’Ambiente in Sicilia 2002’ (Sicily Environmental Report 2002). Vanishing Water is an installation produced for the exhibition “Forme d’acqua. Visioni, Vicende e Pratiche nel Mediterraneo", Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Palermo,2003.