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RIKEA_microstructures for instant urbanization: the free market square Ballon, Turin. [with Marco Lampugnani]

RIKEA is a prototype for a micro urban structure that conceives the free market Ballon, Turin, as a system of "instant urbanization". The project was prototyped together with IKEA and Italcementi. It consists of tiles for the recognition of the merchants' position on the public space (Italcementi) where it is possible to install elements of the system "broder" produced by IKEA in order to support temporary shelters. The re-use of the foldable sofa "svingen" (Ikea) is adapted to realize a trolley for goods delivery. RIKEA is produced within the context of geodesign an event organized by the italian architectural magazine Abitare.

The picture above shows the process of customisation of the tile numbers with liquid concrete. 1_2_3_4_5_6