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Italia in fumo

The Italian Constitution is one of the most beautiful juridical texts ever written. Its articles are stated clear and communicate the social universal values of the whole nation. Italy up in smoke is a project for the promotion of these values. People are the medium of distribution and dissemination of them. If you have already [...]

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The Italian Constitution, if compared with the real country, looks like a subversive manifesto. Italy up in Smoke is a project for the promotion of the Italian Constitution abroad. The articles (in English) are framed into the non smoking graphic policy of the European Community. Italy up in Smoke is a way to say basta. We want [...]


Our project Italia in fumo will be exhibited  online at “the word is yours“. Opening 15th of October at 00.00 until November 19th at 23.00. Care of Gaspare Caliri. Italia in fumo is a project in collaboration with Peppe Clemente for the promotion  of the Italian constitution. The articles are framed within the graphic appearance of [...]


Italia in fumo [with Peppe Clemente] means “Italy up in smoke”. It is a project for the promotion and the divulgation of the Italian Constitution. The project frames articles concerning the “Fundamental Rights of the Republic” (Parte I, Principii Fondamentali) and a selection of “Rights and Duties of the Citizens” (Parte II, Diritti e Doveri dei Cittadini) [...]