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Orto Perpetuo. A Year-round Edible Garden Module in Your Apartment. Urban Agriculture Survival Kit, Salone del Mobile, Milano 2014.

Orto Perpetuo is a year-round indoor edible garden that grows fruit and leaf vegetables. Orto Perpetuo combines ELIOOO (an hydroponic system made out of IKEA boxes designed by Antonio Scarponi) and the LED lamp Quadra (14W) produced by BULBO. Its modular characteristic allows to scale the size of the growing area. A module (65×95 cm) can grow up to 24 plants at once consuming less than 50 watt.

Orto Perpetuo is a reflection upon the colours and textures of eatable gardens. It has adjusted to indoor life through out-of-soil cultivation methods, with the help of artificial light. Orto Perpetuo installation feature dwarf-type of vegetables suitable to grow into pots provided by Piccolo Vegs for Pots. For the occasion of Fuori Salone 2014 it will be presented in a 2 square meter version.

Orto Perpetuo will be presented during the Salone del Mobile from monday the 9th to sunday 13th of April at Urban Agriculture Survival Kit a project curated by Connecting Cultures, Milano Green Point and The Flat (Massimo Carasi Art Gallery) in via Paolo Frisi (10.00 am – 22.30 pm).


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