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READYKEA X-Mass Shop at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.

Time to conceptual shopping in DADA Zurich. This year I was asked by Adrian Notz, the director of the Cabaret Voltaire, to set up a special Christmass Shop for this year shopping season. As always, time was short and budget was very limited. For this reason, we decided to re-use some of the elements I had use last year for the Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism exhibition: an entire installation build with some IKEA boxes and designed in a way that these can be taken back, in respect to IKEA customer service policy.

In the end these boxed remained in my office so that I could make some more experiment. These helped me develop the ELIOOO project, a system designed to grow food in them, which is what I am currently working on now. So if you happen to be in Zurich and you are hunting for some conceptual gifts, the X-Mass DADA shop is your place. Shop DADA, support Cabaret Voltaire.


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