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Italia in fumo. DIY Propaganda in Defence of the Italian Constitution.

Italia in fumo [with Peppe means “Italy up in smoke”. It is a project for the promotion and the divulgation of the Italian Constitution. The project frames articles concerning the “Fundamental Rights of the Republic” (Parte I, Principii Fondamentali) and a selection of “Rights and Duties of the Citizens” (Parte II, Diritti e Doveri dei Cittadini) within the graphic device of the European non-smoking policy.

Italia in fumo consists of a web site that distribute PDF files for the Do It Yourself production of T-shirts, stickers, covers for cigarette boxes and a screen saver with the articles of the Italian Constitution, so that anyone could wear or use its favourite article displayed in this social warning fashion. For the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, Italia in fumo has been presented as performance. People were invited to bring a T-shirt on which articles of the constitution would have been printed. Stickers and cigarette-box covers were also made and distributed during the event.

Here you can download all the Do-It-Yourself items produced. In this page the documentation of the performance at Assab One, Milano, June 2006. Photos credits: Andrea Penisto and Andrea Mascardi.


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